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Wither Without You is a 4 piece "Doom-Core" metal band from north-east Alabama first founded in the city of Jacksonville the group became fully established in late January of 2019 by lead guitarist Matt Waldrop and rhythm guitarist/vocalist Colton Griffith.
The two went straight to writing and producing their 5 track EP entitled The State of Things Less Embraced the success of the EP went on to land them several interviews, radio play, and international attention.
Now having acquired drummer Dallas Bedford and bassist Jesse Moore the band was complete and ready to play live shows while also writing the material that would become their 2nd album entitled Akathisia that they hope to release by the end of the year.
Wither Without You thrives within the doom based, melodic, and atmospheric structure of their music while also applying elements of Metalcore, Death Metal, and Black Metal aspects that maintain a raw, heavy and full textured sound taking pieces of every metal subgenre and intertwining them into every song. The band is currently playing shows every opportunity and expects to fully tour soon.
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    WWY's First Full      Length Album
"          Akathisia 
      available on all               major markets              January 17th via           Sony/The Orchard

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